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A few words about us

Our History in Florida

Our company has been licensed in Florida since 1987. With prior history in residential construction, the majority of our early work was new homes. When Hurricane Andrew hit Miami, we were some of the early responders to the area. We spent two years in Miami helping to rebuild. During these two years, we began to specialize in re-roofs and structural repairs of roofs. Some of our jobs included large, commercial shopping centers and office buildings. With our experience from one of the worst natural disasters in Florida, we returned to Fort Myers. Recognizing and addressing weaknesses and failures we observed from Andrew, we implemented better techniques and practices to make our roofs better. With every hurricane that comes through our area, we continue to expand our knowledge and understanding of what can help your roof weather the storm.

We have the expertise to help you rebuild from the past and fortify your home against future threats.

  • Commercial Work

    We have done complete re-roofs on many commercial, flat-roof projects. These projects include grocery stores, shopping plazas, large office spaces, and apartment buildings. We specialize in and are certified by HydroStop which is a very energy-efficient cool-roof alternative to asphalt-based products.

  • Residential Work

    We work with the homeowner to help determine the correct roofing material for their application. We will suggest products that we have had good experience with, allowing the customer to choose from a wide range of colors and styles.

Some of our features

Personalized Service for Every Job

We have been an active part of the construction industry in Southwest Florida for over 30 years. Integrity and professionalism are immensely important to us because we consider many of the residents here to be friends, family, and neighbors.

We have a smaller, local team of experts to ensure you're not just another job number.

And now, the Legal Stuff...

All our jobs will be permitted and inspections completed according to local municipal, county, and state laws. All required notices will be filed in accordance with construction industry practices to protect both parties.

Our contracts are straightforward and easy to understand without a lot of complicated legal mumbo jumbo.

Payment Options

Payments are typically divided into three or four installments. The final payment is only due when all work is finished and all inspections have passed. For your convenience, we accept check, credit card, and cash.

What we can offer

Fast Response Time

We can provide a quote and get the ball rolling on your project faster than most of our competitors, due to our years of experience acquiring permits and materials for your job.

Easily Accessible

We understand nothing is more annoying than trying to get information about your project and not being able to reach someone to answer your questions. We are always standing by to offer advice or supply technical information about your project.

Our Crew

Work will be done in a professional and efficient manner. The job site will be maintained in a clean and organized manner.